A Desperate Decision

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During the summer of 1956 Adam, who is fifteen years old, rescues his best friend, Neil, from drowning in a pond near their family farm in Wisconsin.  Adam’s attempts to resuscitate Neil fail until he promises God to become a Catholic priest if Neil survives.  His decision haunts him until he falls in love with a Jewish girl his age.

Naomi invites him to attend the Sabbath service at the synagogue with her family, followed by a picnic along Lake Michigan.  The young lovers are forbidden to go steady by their parents, which only increases their desire to be together through secret meetings, resulting in agonizing separations upon being discovered.

The suspense increases when Adam and Neil explore an abandoned farm house on Cooper Road, leading to a neighbor reporting them to the police, which results in their being subpoenaed to appear in court for a murder trial.

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This novel is a love story and murder mystery set during the summer of 1956 in Wisconsin.  Adam, who was raised Catholic, is now fifteen - years old. Heís in love with Naomi, a Jewish girl. Their parents forbid them to go steady, which increases their desire to meet secretly, resulting in agonizing separations.

The plot is complicated by Adamís unexpected oath to become a priest, which is linked to rescuing his best friend, Neil, from death.  The two teenagers are later subpoenaed to appear in court for a murder trial over the disappearance of Joyce Jacobsen, a neighbor.

If a story doesnít exhaust his imagination, Cibrario writes another novel to tell us what happens next.  He did that with his four novels set in Nepal and does it again with a Desperate Decision, a sequel to Secrets on the Family Farm.  As usual, the reader will be intensely anxious to get to the end of this novel to see how the romantic entanglement and murder trial unfold.

Jim Fisher
Carleton College

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