Secrets on the Family Farm

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During July of 1951 ten-year-old Adam Montanya is traumatized by an incident that occurs on the family farm in Wisconsin. He is unable to tell his parents what happened to him in the barn. Besides, everyone in the family is too preoccupied with their own secrets to be bothered with him, except for his Italian grandmother. Adam's not alone. Most people in the community have secrets. They deny the consequences of World War II and the horror of the Korean War.


The setting for Secrets on the Family Farm could not be more different from that of Cibrario's trilogy -- nothing exotic down on the Wisconsin farm. This time the characters are all people we readily identify with (well.maybe not after we get to know some of them), because they are right out of middle America. Not only are they inhabitants of the heartland, but they represent the rural backbone of the nation -- or so we think before Cibrario lets us in on its dirty little secrets . For those who are not old enough to have lived through this era, this essentially historical novel will serve as an excellent introduction to those bygone days of the early 1950's.

James F. Fisher, Anthropologist
Carleton College

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