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the cover of 'The Pomelo Tree'; designed by Jon Bolton

The Pomelo Tree

In the first book of the trilogy, The Pomelo Tree, Carl Brecht, an anthropologist, travels to South Asia to do research on Shamanism. On the flight to Nepal he befriends Margaret Porter and her unruly sons, Nigel and Christopher. They arrive in Kathmandu during Dasain, a ten day Hindu Festival, involving animal sacrifices to the goddess, Durga. Carl meets Jeannie in the garden of the Kathmandu Guest House. They spend time together, touring the shrines of the city before her unexpected departure for Pokhara. Margaret suddenly checks into his hotel with her children, renewing their friendship.

Carl discovers that Margaret is fleeing from a London coven. The leader of the coven has been pursuing her for eight years. He claims that Margaret's son, Nigel, belongs to the demon, Ravana. During the peak of the animal sacrifices in October, Nigel disappears. Carl finds him at the Taleju Temple, where the royal family had recently worshipped at a special ceremony. A crisis occurs in the garden under the pomelo tree at the Kathmandu Guest House, altering their lives forever.

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the cover of 'The Harvest'; art by Nick, cover designed by Jon Bolton

The Harvest

In this second novel of the Kathmandu trilogy, Carl Brecht, the anthropologist, goes to Chitwaun in pursuit of the kidnapped boy, Nigel.  At the jungle camp in southern Nepal, he boards an elephant in search of rhinosceros, discovering that poachers are harvesting the body parts of the endangered species.  In spite of evidence that Nigel has been in the jungle, Carl leaves the area frustrated by the deception of the London coven.

Carl travels to India to visit his friends, the Pandavas. He arrives in Kalinagar near the Nepalese border just before the Hindu Festival honoring the Goddess Lakshmi. The anthropologist gets caught up in the frenzy of the State of Emergency, where renegade government officials are enforcing compulsory sterilization of the men in Kalinagar and the nearby villages. After the violence, a crisis in the family, and marching with protesting, Carl becomes involved in an unexpected romanace. He also discovers that the London coven has been present in the area with Nigel.

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© D. J. Cibrario
© D. J. Cibrario

the cover of 'The Shamans'; art by Nick, cover designed by Jon Bolton

The Shamans

In The Shamans Carl Brecht, the anthropologist, leaves Saraswoti in India to do research on shamanism in Nepal. Upon arriving in Pokhara, he discovers that his friend, Professor Paul Schiemann is tormented by his wife's death. Sharon's poltergeist haunts his dreams as well as his house on the university campus. Paul hires a shaman to perform an exorcism on the trail to Kanjang, where Sharon died after falling from a cliff.

After witnessing another major exorcism performed by the shamans at Kanjang, Carl returns to Pokhara with his friends. He finds out that Saraswoti and Lakshmi are at the Third Eye Hotel, where Myrna and Yorg are staying with the kidnapped boy, Nigel. Carl informs the police about his suspicions although he doesn't expect to be captured by the London coven and taken to a cottage on Fewa Lake.  At the cottage the coven are preparing to offer sacrifices to the demons in the presence of Nigel.

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