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Lotus flower; © D. J. Cibrario
water lilies

Margaret Porter

All heads turned toward the stricken mother. The tall woman ... looked directly at Carl. He was struck by her beauty in spite of her furrowed brow and bloodshot eyes. Her vulnerable expression reminded him of Marilyn Monroe as she left the courthouse after her divorce in the film, The Misfits.

The Pomelo Tree, page 4

Nigel Porter

He was about eight years old, wearing a black tie and a blue shirt, the armpits wet with perspiration…The boy glowered at her, his eyes mere slits. His nose was a pig's snout with nostrils turned upward. Spit glistened from the sides of his mouth.

The Pomelo Tree, page 2

“You shouldn't have taught us that game, Yorg. I didn't want Christopher to die. Mummy blamed me for everything. Daddy and Mummy never wanted to have children,” blurted Nigel, pressing his snout-nose against the window until it was foggy from his breath ...

The Harvest, page 2

The nasty eight-year old boy squirmed next to her, insisting he had to pee. ... he vented his frustration by snapping his snake puppet the whole trip.

The Harvest, page 1

Carl Brecht

Carl shook his head with disgust at the boy's appearance. ... [He] opened the text on his lap, Spirit Possession In The Nepal Himalayas, but he couldn't concentrate on the article about demonic possession. He glanced at the photograph on the cover - two shamans performing an exorcism - and then out the window at the Himalayan range, obscured by clouds.

The Pomelo Tree, page 2

"A handsome man just came into the dining room. I'm sure he's available since he's not wearing a wedding ring. He's got blue eyes and sandy hair. His figure is like that of a Greek god. ... He's the Kennedy-type with the determined look of John and the carelessness of Ted ..." [wrote] Jeannie.

The Pomelo Tree, page 52

Carl sighed with relief as he passed a long line of townspeople. He sat in the chair, relieved that he didn't have to endure a vasectomy. For a few moments he thought about Barbara and her desire for marriage and children. How he missed her! He felt isolated and alone, wondering when the clerk would release him.

The Harvest, page 152

Christopher Porter

... the younger child was about five years old. He had features that resembled his mother's. His face was a cherub from an Italian Renaissance painting. He had light hair, a small nose and delicate lips. The boy wore an outfit identical to his brother's.

The Pomelo Tree, page 3


He located a framed picture of her once on his desk at the university. Her pixie hair style and mischievous eyes resembled Audrey Hepburn. ... Barbara had an aura of sophistication, her long neck reminiscent of Nefretete, Queen of Egypt.

The Pomelo Tree, page 15


Thomas screeched the brakes of the land rover, leaving behind a cloud of dust …The tall, skinny man shook hands with everyone with his sweaty palms. He unbuttoned his wet shirt, exposing his chest. “This must be the boy we've been waiting to see for eight years,” stated Thomas, removing his safari hat. His coarse hair was moist. He had fierce black eyes and a jutting jaw.

The Harvest, page 7


“My parents died when the allies bombed the civilians during the war. I was only five years old when it happened. I remembered the explosions, the fire, and the smoke. It was hell on earth …When they died, I inherited their chain of jewelry stores. The stores once belonged to Jews, who were sent by the Nazis to a concentration camp in Poland …

The Harvest, page 11

“Margaret was always a dreamer,” said Yorg. “She actually believed she could keep Nigel from us indefinitely… She should have known that someday we'd find her sons. No one escapes from the coven without a penalty.”

The Harvest, page 13


“Yorg, you're the bearded man who tied the noose in the tree,” uttered Myrna… She shook her head, wishing she was back in London with Don. He was a true gentleman. Yorg was sadistic; he killed for pleasure.

The Harvest, page 12.

“Margaret paid dearly for her foolishness,” she sighed, regretting she had come to Nepal. Yorg had a insatiable appetite for the sordid and the vile. The truth was that she was terrified to leave the coven because of him. He had a way of stalking and finding those who left, even if it took years.

The Harvest, page 13.


“On the morning of our wedding, Narayan bathed at the well. Then his mother put a red tika on his forehead. She wept as he departed from his home in his sedan, carried by four men. I waited anxiously for him to arrive. I wore my red veil and wedding sari.” ...

“I played the role of the shy bride so that our parents wouldn't be embarrassed any further. We already caused them plenty of grief. I'm sure they told you all about our love affair in the mango grove,” sighed Lakshmi.

The Harvest, page 186


Krishna informed him, “Prakash and Sita must have mortgaged their tea shop to pay for Narayan's funeral expenses. They had to give the priest a cow, an umbrella, and cooking utensils as payment for his rituals.”

The Harvest, page 194

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