The Secrets on the Family Farm

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Secrets on the Family Farm

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Chapter 1

Pretending he was a soldier in Korea, Adam left the foxhole to face his enemy.

Chapter 2

"He fell through that hole in the hayloft," insisted Kevin, glaring at his cousin.

Chapter 3

Adam would be the Lone Ranger, wearing a mask to conceal his secret.

Chapter 4

"Grandma! You've got to come quickly! Daisy's having her calf, right now!"

Chapter 5

"That poor woman can't afford to buy new shoes, so she wears his army boots."

Chapter 6

"Why you lookin' at me like that?" blurted the veteran, his breath reeking from alcohol.

Chapter 7

His father's coat didn't feel right on him. Maybe he'd try on his mother's clothes.

Chapter 8

"If Dad's not at work, then where is he?" asked Karl, puzzled by the disappearance of his father.

Chapter 9

"We're here because of that knife. We've come to get it back," said Uncle Pete.

Chapter 10

"Hello Ellie. How are ya doing?" asked Giovanni, nervously lighting a Lucky Strike.

Chapter 11

"I didn't do it, Dad! Adam lied to get me into trouble," screamed the fourteen-year-old.

Chapter 12

"I'll come straight home from work. I won't stop at the bar," promised Giovanni.

Chapter 13

He removed his belt and whipped the boy until he was black and blue.

Chapter 14

"How can love be wrong?" he asked, holding her firmly against him.

Chapter 15

He was convinced that a priest was a mediator between man and God ..

Chapter 16

"I saw too much violence during the war. I killed too many people."

Chapter 17

"I'm no alcoholic. I can quit anytime." . He fought another overwhelming craving to drink.

Chapter 18

"That basement's spooky", said Adam, staring at his fingers scarred from the stitches.

Chapter 19

Giovanni hadn't seen Clara's mother since she came back from Poland.

Chapter 20

"I'll take you to the hospital," said Giovanni, lifting her into his arms.

Chapter 21

"You know I don't belong here. I shouldn't have become a priest."

Chapter 22

Thank God she told her husband that she was pregnant.

Chapter 23

"You can't leave me out there on that farm!" exclaimed Gertrude. "I'll die in that wasteland!"

Chapter 24

"Not another tornado warning. Last time it was a false alarm."

Chapter 25

"I hope the cows are all right. I didn't see them in the pasture."

Chapter 26

"You've got to quit drinking and spend more time with your family."

Chapter 27

Giovanni stumbled again in the gravel, groping towards her like a monster .

Chapter 28

"Do you want me to drive, Mom?" asked Karl, concerned about her bleeding cheek.

Chapter 29

"Father Furstenberg agreed to stop at the flat to play canasta with him so he won't be so lonely ."

Chapter 30

"I'd better go say goodbye to Kevin, before it gets too late," announced the priest.

Chapter 31

"It smells bad in my house today," said the old woman as she and Pete .

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